Dropbox Paper Drops Closed Beta; Available Also in App Versions

August 5, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Nearly a year since its introduction, Dropbox’s Paper services is now shedding its limited access. The company has now made its collaborative tool available for all users by shutting down the closed beta, alongside launching dedicated smartphone app.

Dropbox says that Paper is now in its open beta stage, and will continue to hear from user feedback to keep its synergic workspace offering updated. Alongside shutting down the closed beta, Dropbox has also added some new features to Paper, which includes new table features, upgraded photo galleries and new notifications.

Table sizes can now be customized in Paper, including options to make them cover the full width of documents and column resizing. The upgraded image gallery has now made drag and drop feature a lot easier. Images can now also be commented distinctly rather than putting up the comments for the entire group.


The notification upgrade in Paper adds a new notification center that can collect all comments made on the documents. It also notifies whenever a user is mentioned in other documents, or when new comments have been posted under documents in which a user has left a comment.

These notification features have also been carried through to the app version of Paper, which focuses on utility functions instead of carrying entire web functions to the app. Dropbox says that the app version and the new features for web have been introduced at the request of users, of which the most demanded feature was the app version.

Users can sign up for the open beta of Dropbox Paper  here. The app version for iOS and Android devices can be obtained respectively from App Store and Google Play.

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