Android Nougat Likely to Debut this September with LG V20

August 2, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We all know that Google’s Android Nougat OS for smartphones is just around the bend, with Google rolling out the final developer preview version a couple of weeks ago. What remained unknown was about the debut device of Android N. But now, that too has come out to the light with the latest announcement from LG.

The South Korean company has now announced that its LG V20 smartphone will be arriving this September with Android 7.0 Nougat, making it the first device to pack Google’s latest smartphone OS out of the box.

LG hasn’t revealed any big tidbits about the device except for Android Nougat assurance, and some hardware revelations. Accordingly, the device will house a dual-screen and dual-front cam features.


The announcement means that Google will follow an unusual move for their OS debut, with all their previous Android versions making its public debut with Google Nexus devices. A similar move was earlier rumored for Android Nougat, but not for an LG device. Earlier, it was rumored that Android N could likely debut on Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note 7 device, which is also anticipating for its launch this week.

The only thing which now needs to be seen is whether Google will be bringing its Nexus devices out to the market before the launch of LG V20. It was earlier said that Google will have its Nexus device launched ahead of its usual yearly launch window. Google hasn’t yet made any official statement regarding the launch and release of its two new Nexus smartphones and the Android OS.

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