Google Maps for iOS gets Multi-Stop Route Feature

August 1, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has announced that its multi-stop destination feature, which was made available for Android some while ago, is now ready for iOS devices. With this, users will be able to set up multi-stops to their journeys using three platforms; web, Android, and iOS.

The function works quite similar to how it works in the Android, and users can add multiple places as destinations within a single journey. Users can add new stops to their journeys by simply tapping a destination, and then selecting the ‘Add stop’ option from the corner menu.

Under destinations, users will also be able to rearrange the order of multiple stop destinations by simply holding and dragging the destination that is to be repositioned. Stops once created can also be removed at will, and users will just have to drag the destination to the X symbol next to specific stops to have it wiped out from your journey. Another way is by simply hitting the delete button to the left of the trip duration and tapping the remove stop option.


Multiple stops and destinations can also be added during navigation, and users can do so with the help of the magnifying glass that can help find specific places. Users are also given the option to add more stops to a route already contains stops and destinations that were set earlier.

Google initially made the feature available for web users, and it was followed by the update on Android a few weeks ago. The update arrives on iOS with the latest iOS version of Google Maps, version 4.21.0 of the iOS app, that is available on the App Store since July 25.

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