Family Library for Sharing Google Play Contents Goes Live

July 29, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Android users can finally get to experience a Family Sharing-akin experience that is available on Apple for around two years. After having announced earlier this year, the Family Library feature for sharing eligible Play Store contents with other users have now been launched officially by Google.

Google’s Family Library feature will be made available for users globally within a few days, and will let users share the Play Store contents with up to six members. This includes apps, games, movies, TV shows, and books.

With the new feature, shared users can opt to pay for the contents through the main account’s credit card. They can still rely on discrete payments, in case if they don’t want to bother the main account holder for carrying out the payments. They can also decide the contents that can be enabled for sharing using an on/off switch that’s available with all the eligible contents.


Google Family Library feature will also be accessible through multiple devices, which can be through Android or even through Chrome OS. It can also be accessed through Chrome browser, and also on iOS devices. Contents available through these platforms are restricted and only movies, TV shows, and books will be made available on these respective platforms.

The feature has begun rolling out on US at first, and it will be followed by its availability in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, the United Kingdom in the coming days. Google has said that users can already start inviting users to their family plan, so that they can start sharing right away when the feature becomes available in their devices.

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