Swiftkey Launches New App that Can Predict Emoji Usage

July 23, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Swiftkey has launched a new keyboard app for Android and iOS users. Unlike its previous outputs, the new app is the one for those who finds a mess in finding out emojis from the bulky list available in their keypads.

Called Swiftmoji, the new app comes with prediction capabilities for emojis. Once a word or sentence is typed, Swiftmoji will provide a list of suitable emoji that’s relevant to that word/phrase. This will not just focus on the emoji tag. For e.g., having Pizza in your sentence will not just list the emo for Pizza, but will also have an Italian flag alongside.

While Swiftmoji is available both for Android and iOS, it still hosts a slight difference in what it offers for the two platforms. Swiftmoji is smoother in Android devices, as it is presented as a distinct keyboard app. The emoji suggestions appear on the added row on top of the app keyboard, which functions quite similar to the Swiftkey keyboard.


However, due to third-party restrictions, iOS users will have to open the Swiftmoji keyboard distinctly by tapping the globe icon in their keyboard. Apple device also requires granting full access to Swiftmoji keyboard, whereas Android devices prompt the users to do so only when selecting additional services like backup and sync.

Swiftkey was acquired by Microsoft during February this year, and Swiftmoji is the first product to come out through the acquisition. Microsoft has however released two distinct apps through their Garage group, namely the Hub keyboard and Word Flow keyboard.

Swiftmoji is not the only app that offers emoji prediction. The parent app has also been offering emoji prediction to an extent from 2014. Apple is also having plans to offer similar features in the stock keyboard on iOS 10.

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