Mozilla Starts the Countdown Clock for Blocking Contents in Firefox

July 23, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Mozilla won’t be showing any mercy over flash contents from next year. As a part of it, the company has now revealed that its Firefox browser will start blocking irrelevant flash content from the browser platform starting next month.

From August, Firefox browser will rip down those flash contents which it feels “not essential to the user experience”. The measure has been adopted as a part of reducing Flash-related crashes, and the company is expecting to bring down such instances at least by 10% with its new move next month.

Mozilla also says that the blocking of such flash content will let users enjoy enhanced security, improved battery life, and also faster page loads and better responsiveness through its browser. The company has also revealed a data which showed that instances of Firefox browser crashing has come to a halt for websites like YouTube and Facebook ever since the websites switched to HTML5 from the ageing flash platform.


Mozilla’s blocking move will serve as the buildup for the complete blocking of flash contents from the browser, which will take place by 2017. Following this, flash contents will be loaded only when a user clicks its content. This will cover all the flash contents inside a website and not just the irrelevant ones, says the company. Mozilla will still be working together with Adobe to bring out the best experience of Flash until they phase it out completely.

Mozilla is not the lone company to have decided to part ways with the dyeing Flash platform. Giants like Google, Microsoft, and Apple have decided earlier this year to axe Flash from their platforms by default. Sites like YouTube have long ago switched to HTML5, and the most recent one to join this trend was popular streaming site Twitch.

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