Withings’ $100 Infrared Thermometers Arrives after FDA Clearance

July 22, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Withings announced its Thermo infrared thermometer during March at CES, 2016. Now, the company has made it available for the consumers after grabbing clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration.

The release now makes Withings Thermo arguably the best thermometer available in markets today. Unlike conventional thermometers, the Thermo uses a set of 16 infrared sensors to provide the most accurate temperature readings in a much easier way than other thermometers. Thermo is also classified as a Class IIa medical device, which validates that the device is safe, alongside providing reliable and accurate temperature readings.

Users can measure body temperature by just placing the IR end of the Thermo at temple, and clicking the button available in the device. Thermo will only take two seconds to make up to 4000 measurements using its 16 infrared sensors via temporal artery, and indicate the accurate measurement on its in-built display.


Withings Thermo is also one of the most advanced thermometers, as it also provides connectivity options like Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity for better tracking through an app on your smartphones. It can also be used to set up multiple profiles and feed basic info like marking the time of drug intakes.

Users can also get rid of the charging conundrum, as Withings Thermo makes use of two AA batteries instead of rechargeable batteries, and the company says that it is sufficient to run the device for up to two years.

The device is currently available for US region on Withing’s website, as well as on Apple Website. It can be expected to be available on more regions and online stores in the coming days. Withings is also working with Boston Children’s Hospital’s Thermia service to help parents monitor symptoms related to their child’s fever.

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