Google Rolls Out Final Developer Preview for Android N

July 20, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Android N, the latest smartphone OS version from Google, will be starting its roll-out by the end of this summer, which is quite early considering the usual yearly schedule of Android versions.

As a part of this, the company has now rolled out the fifth and final version of the Android N developer preview, which will be the closest version of the final Android N.

The version, which will be available for developers, will also be having the final interface and APIs that can be deployed for testing, and to ensure that they are ready for the Android behavior changes. These include Doze-related battery and memory optimizations, as well as Project Svelte-related background optimizations.


One of the noted features in the latest developer version is that it comes with the Android N Easter Egg. The latest developer preview includes an N, representing Nougat, in the Easter Egg screen, and it cycles through a series of emojis when being tapped. This serves as a reminder that Android N will be packing the latest Unicode 9.0 emojis with it.

The developer preview v5 has also updated the Google Camera version from 3.2 to 4.1, adding a host of minor improvements within the app. The Timer/HDR/Flash toggles now expands to the width of the display when tapped, making it easier to select the mode. Accessing camera roll from the app also has added a new zoom-in animation. There are also some other visual changes brought around to the Google Camera app.

Google has earlier revealed that the consumer version of Android N will be made available by the end of summer, instead of fall like it was with previous years. Some of the anticipated new features in the version are support for instant reply from notifications, improved Doze feature, background OTA installation, and side-by-side multitasking support.

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