Apple Music Tweaks Track Matching to Ditch DRM from Matched Files

July 19, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple Music users can rejoice; they can finally have their tracks matched without being imposed with a DRM. Apple has now announced that they are shifting its match algorithm in Apple Music that will finally have the tracks freed from Digital Rights Management.

With the new changes applied, matching your personal tracks to that of in iCloud will work in a manner similar to that of iTunes. Both iTunes and Apple Music have been offering match-making services for a year, letting users upload tracks from iTunes library that were not brought from Apple, and access it later.

But there was a difference. Using this feature in Apple Music automatically attached DRM to the uploaded tracks. This would remain with the track even if pulling out of the Apple Music services. However, iTunes Match worked similar to services from Google and Amazon, where users could match and upload tracks without any DRM.


The shift in the algorithm would also prove useful for subscribers of iTunes Match and Apple Music, as they would no longer have to keep subscribed to the iTunes Match service with both following the same pattern. iTunes Match has been charging $25 a year for its subscription.

Besides, users can also get a better matching feature now with the improved Match tool used in Apple Music, as it will now follow iTunes Match by offering audio fingerprinting instead of metatags to match the tracks. This will automatically improve the matching of tracks, letting users get the right track more easily than before.

Apple says that the update is being rolled out to 1-2 percent of Apple Music subscribers every day. Keep checking your matched track status to know if you have got the service updated.

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