Google Headset is More Inclined towards AR than VR

July 18, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It was reported last week that Google has eventually decided to put brakes on its Virtual Reality headset device. But now, a new report has emerged that insist that Google hasn’t yet given up on its standalone VR device, but it would come rather differently than we thought.

According to sources who have spoken to Engadget, Google is still working on its own headset device, but it prefers more of augmented reality than virtual reality. According to the report, Google’s upcoming standalone headset will feature a screen of its own, and won’t be requiring additional leg-ups from smartphone or PCs.

But instead of putting the users on a virtual world, which is more preferred among gaming, Google wants to blend reality with augmentation through their new headset, similar to Microsoft’s Hololens. Google is also now employing new individuals for the development of the project, who have been told that Daydream is not essentially a long-term plan.


Earlier this year, it was hinted that Google will be putting efforts to forge its own VR department. It was followed by the unveiling of DayDream VR, which blended hardware and software standards for VR in Android smartphones.

This put Google’s ambition for VR in Android right under focus. But with the new headset, Google will be taking its VR ambitions out of the Android eco-system.

It’s also not for the first time that Google is getting associated with augmented reality technology. Previously, they stood behind Magic Leap for the development of mixed-reality technology. It’s also working on Project Tango, a smartphone that will add new dimensions to augmented reality through additional sensors and camera.

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