Google Keyboard Finally has Some Colors to Offer

July 16, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Android users can finally have their Google Keyboard in shades other than material light and material dark. Google has finally given up on the duo-tone of Google Keyboard, and is now adding new colors to it.

The addition comes with the new update for Google Keyboard, version 5.1, that’s now available on Google Play Store. Along with the material dark and light themes, Google has introduced thirteen additional themes now, making the total number of themes available to fifteen.

It also includes the Holo Blue shade in a materialistic design. Themes are available only for Android, and for the Google iOS keyboard.


Apart from the in-built themes, users can also build their own themes now within the Google Keyboard. The app now comes with a new option, letting users to add an image from their gallery to make them appear in the keyboard layout.

Users can also adjust the brightness of the image to make sure that it doesn’t cause a distraction with the characters. The Key border option is available for all the themes including customized ones.

Despite being an easy and widely used keyboard, Google Keyboard failed to offer customization of themes and layout. Google axed the number of themes available from four to two with an update that added one-handed typing in the keyboard. The update, which arrived in May, brought down Holo White and Holo Blue themes, which however made sense considering that Google was pushing for its materialistic design everywhere.

The latest update of Google Keyboard also adds gesture typing and suggestions to seventeen new languages, and layout support to seven new languages. Users can also add recently used emojis to the suggestion strip.

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