SanDisk iXpand Cases for iPhone 6 could Fix Your Storage Woes

July 15, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It was only a couple of days ago that SanDisk revealed the latest addition to its iXpand flash drives for iPhones. Now, the company has unveiled a better way to beef up your storage in iPhone 6 models.

SanDisk’s latest addition to its iXpand family is a memory case, offering a more handy option for you to expand your iPhone storage. Instead of having flash drives plugged in, users can have the same feature made available by enwrapping their iPhone under a not-so-bulky case that measures 5.95 by 3 by 0.59 inches and weighs 1.1 ounces.

Micro USB port is provided on the side of the case, while the lightning cable comes protruded at the bottom of the case. Users can slide their iPhone devices by popping off the top part of the case. The rear face of the case, which features a thick bar, is also not designed flat so that your iPhone stays slightly tilted towards you when keeping it on a flat surface.


SanDisk iXpand comes in three storage variants; 32GBpriced at $59.99, 64GB priced at $99.99, and 128GB priced at $129.99. However, iXpand cases might not be the best solution if you are looking to free your device space by dumping the apps and data into the flash storage. This is because iXpand doesn’t offer full support of data on iPhones unlike in Android or Windows devices.

Users can view and manage only media files including images, videos, music files, and documents. Also, it can be done only through media app. However, you can access any files in the SD card through the normal process if having it connected to Windows or Mac devices.

Along with storage, iXpand also offers support of extra juice for your iPhone 6 device. It doesn’t feature any in-built additional battery. But there are provisions inside the case to fit an additional battery pack, and SanDisk is currently offering a pack of 1900mAh charge for an extra $39.99.

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