Facebook Messenger Gets Instant Article Support

July 15, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook’s Instant Articles won’t be just confined to the parent app from now on; it will now be stepping down to the Messenger services from Facebook too.

Users in Messenger will no longer have to wait for loading articles within the app, as Facebook has announced that the fast loading feature of Instant Articles has now been expanded to Facebook Messenger.

Contents that are from publishers supported in Instant Article will now have a lightning button, just like it is displayed in the parent app. Clicking those links will have the articles loaded within the app, instead of opening them in an external browser.


The feature is being rolled out gradually to the Android versions of Messenger as of now. Facebook says that the update will hit the iOS devices over the coming weeks.

Articles that undergo Instant Articles are fast loading, and free of other distractions. The feature was introduced as a counter measure to Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages, which let users load select articles instantly through searches.

Unlike Google’s strategy, Facebook’s Instant Articles offered fast-loading by hosting the publishers’ contents itself, so that users can quickly load the content when clicking the link. This measure has made the links opened through Instant Articles load up to ten times faster than normal loading. It also supports native ads.

According to Facebook, Instant Articles has improved the reach of many sites that were often ignored by users due to its sluggish loading. It also pointed out that publishers have grabbed 20% more clicks and 30% more shares through Instant Articles.

Facebook’s measure to expand Instant Article has been executed with an eye on improving the publisher base in Instant Article. Instant Articles also made its access more expanded in a move announced during February this year to improve the publisher base.

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