Messages You Send and Receive on Facebook Messenger to go Secret

July 13, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook has now come-up with the official announcement of the launch of Secret Conversations, the very-own encryption feature that will be soon widely used in its Messenger app. The announcement now comes following the rumours of its testing among select users.

Facebook revealed that its Secret Conversations feature was rolled out on trial basis to some users on Friday. This will be followed by a broader rollout that will be taking place later this summer. The intention is to make the encryption feature available for all users, and platforms of Facebook Messenger.

The Secret Conversations feature won’t be arriving as a stand-alone app and it will be made available as a part of a Messenger update. Facebook guarantees that the inclusion of the feature won’t harm any of the ongoing features in the Messenger app. Similar to those seen in WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger will be encrypting messages automatically once the update arrives on the device.


Facebook believes that the availability of encryption will provide a more secure messenger experience by making the message unreadable to anyone except for the sender and receiver. It will also help in transforming the sidebar conversation nature of Messenger to a more private conversation platform, believes the company.

Facebook initially rolled out encryption on WhatsApp, which was one of the very first to introduce automatic encryption of messages. Later, it was joined by many other services including Viber. Facebook has been heavily concerned about user security even before the encryption fuzz came in, and they were one among the many to have openly expressed support for Apple in their tussle with the FBI over iPhone unlocking.

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