Skype Bots Get Life with Group Support and Other Features

July 11, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft has been working around to transform Skype video services to a hub of work productivity tools. Earlier this week, they released Skype for Meetings, which aimed at providing Skype services to small businesses without any charges. Now, they are upping the bot feature to improve the productivity output for its users through Skype.

With the latest update, Skype Bots will finally have support for group chats. No longer will the bot help be limited to personal chats, and bots can now be added to your group conversations to make the most out of it.

Alongside, Microsoft has also added card support within conversations which will now let users to carry out certain operations like reservation or item booking without having to leave the conversation.


Support is currently available for image cards, carousel cards, and receipt cards. Microsoft is also working on enabling single sign-in on cards so that users will have to authorize their credentials only once.

Microsoft has also updated the Skype Bot Framework, which has now been made robust with deeper integration of bot development within the Skype ecosystem. Skype Bot Framework, which is meant for developers, now also includes support for Skype calling, Slack buttons, and various Facebook bot features.

The latest update for Skype Bots comes as probably the biggest update for Skype Bot ever since its introduction earlier this year. Microsoft introduced Skype Bots during March, and around 30,000 developers are currently into the development of Skype Bots. However, Skype hasn’t yet got to fully deploy its bot services, which is what Microsoft is trying to erase partially through the new update.

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