Google Might Bring Up Not Just Self-Made Smartphones, but Smartwatches Too  

July 9, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It was revealed a few days ago that Google was building a smartphone of their own that will finally compete directly against the iPhone devices. This will come besides Project Ara modular device that’s scheduled for next year, forcing us to believe that the tech conglomerate is devoting its attention into smartphone depot. But that’s not entirely true.

While Google is making the path clear for its smartphone entities, it now appears that they are also bringing up their own smartwatch alongside. And it’s not just one device that will be pitched into action, but two distinct Google-made smartwatches.

Presumably, one of the smartwatch, codenamed Swordfish, will be a base model that will pack a smaller display along with reduced spec and hardware. The other device, codenamed Angelfish, will be a more advanced version, and will feature a larger display along with features like LTE, GPS, and heart-rate monitor features. Both the devices will be featuring a full-circular display.


It’s also said that the Google smartwatches will be Nexus branded. But this seems unlikely going by the Nexus brand history, which involves a tie-up between Google and a hardware manufacturer, like we have HTC developing the Nexus 2016 devices for Google. We will have to wait to see if Google decides to drift off from its conventional path.

According to the source, Google is currently said to be working on the prototype version of its new smartwatches, and the devices will likely make its first public appearance following the launch of this years’ Nexus devices.

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