Snapchat Now Lets You Save Old Snaps as Archives

July 8, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Snapchat not just wants to take you on an ephemeral photo sharing ride, but it also wants to take you on a walk down the memory lane. The photo sharing platform has announced the introduction of a new feature, called Snapchat Memories, that’s been designed precisely for this.

Snapchat Memories is a feature that allows saving of your snaps or stories within the app, so that it can be accessed at a later point of time from the app. This is for the first time that Snapchat is offering users an opportunity to save their photos.

However, it may not be changing the ephemeral nature of the app as Memories comes as a distinct feature in the app. The option is now available as a separate tab in the app, which will show all the photos and stories you have saved like in a camera roll.


The Memories tab is also presented with an integrated search option through which users can jump on to their old snaps by typing in keywords including location. Under the tab, images are categorized according to the content.

There are rectangular posts which represent individual snaps and videos, and circular posts that represent stories. It also offers live preview of the snaps inside it.

Images and stories saved in it can also be recalled for editing so that it can be dispatched again as a new story. Individual stories can also be threaded together to make a new, longer sequence. This could come handy for even-related stories like for birthdays or anniversaries.

There are also plenty other handy options included within the new feature, all of which can be checked out in the latest update. Snapchat Memories is made available both for Android and iOS devices.

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