This Handy Gadget can Recognize Colours and Fonts from the World Around You

July 7, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Technology can sometimes be harsh. It has been churning gadgets so endlessly that we often forget to judge the potential usefulness of a gadget. Often we are misguided by gadgets with its initial pre-launch impression that later turns out to be nothing, but a crap with its services.

But thankfully, there are aplenty of gadgets going the other way, and a new device called Spector could just be a perfect example of it.

This handy piece of scanner is developed by Fiona O’Leary, a student at the Royal College of Art. It’s basically a font-scanner that can scan and identify fonts and colors so that you could later use them to your will. It may not sound like the exact technological breakthrough we might have wanted, but this cool device can sure bring peace to many busy lives pragmatically.


Spector is a first of its kind, considering that it’s a font & color identifier in physical form. Indeed, there are similar services available. But all of them comes in the form of apps, and that doesn’t quite work well when we want to know the typeface behind the writings we witness in the physical world around us.

Say, you need to use a font that you saw in a wall poster. Just place the scanner atop it, press the button placed behind the device, and it’s all done.  Spector will have it mingled with its broad algorithm to pick out the exact font for you in Adobe InDesign. It also doesn’t require to be plugged in to convey the fonts for you. Spector comes with a small storage that can save up to 20 font or color embedded images.

As of now, Spector can recognize typefaces from seven families, along with the identification of type size, kerning, and leading.

Spector got birth as a part of ‘s project, and it remains a prototype as of now. Commercialization is something which the maker hasn’t ruled out. But it may not come in a rush, and the wait for grabbing this physical font recognizer might apparently seem a bit lengthy. But of course, it’s definitely worth the wait.

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