Microsoft’s new Skype Free App is for Small Businesses

July 7, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Video chatting platforms are getting crowded with the advent of new apps, and Skype is striving hard to maintain its stronghold in the game. As part of it, the video-chat service has introduced a couple of new measures to get them going in the business.

One among them is the introduction of a new Skype app, called Skype Meetings, that is now launched to aid small businesses. The latest offering comes free of charge, and is designed on the web platform, making it the second to arrive after Skype for Web beta that was released last year.

Microsoft says that Skype Meeting can be opened through any device with a browser, camera, and audio input and output devices. Video conferences in Skype Meetings can be initialized easily through links. Hosts can send personalized links to others for joining the conversation.


Being free does brings certain restriction to video conferences however. Skype Meetings allows only 10 persons to get connected to a single video conference, and that too, only for the first sixty days of use.

Post the duration, conversations will be allowed to integrate only three users at a time. On the other hand, Skype for Businesses lets a conversation to be crowded with up to 250 participants.

But it wouldn’t be a big setback for small businesses, considering that they get partial access to multiple services within the Skype platform like PowerPoint integration, the laser pointer and whiteboard functionality, and screen-sharing features, despite being a scaled down service.

Microsoft has also introduced an offline file-exchange support to Skype platform, letting users to exchange files even when the recipient is offline. It’s quite a surprise that Microsoft has been reluctant to upgrade to this feature all these time, considering that almost all the other platforms have been offering advanced file sharing methods right from their onset.

Users can share up to 300MB of files using the new transfer method. This could attract at least some to shift to Skype from third-party cloud services like DropBox for the exchange of large files.

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