Facebook Posts Can Now Speak in Over 40 Languages

July 5, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook has always come to our aid whenever we bumped onto posts written in unfamiliar languages. The inbuilt translator tool has been useful for many to go through such posts.

Now, they are making it easier by letting the users make translations enabled right when the post is made.

The company has now announced a new multilingual composer tool, that will let users translate their post to 45 languages, including English, and get them used in their posts along with the original language in which they have created the posts.


It will be handy to many users on Facebook, ranging from those wanting to send out personal messages in native languages, as well as celebrities who can now feed posts for multiple language followers.

Accordingly, the new tool will be using the company’s own machine learning tools to recognize the behaviour trends of a user. This will let Facebook suggest an automatic translation to a language they prefer whenever a user decides to compose a post.

The feature will not only help users in building a stronger network, but will also help the social media achieve better communication and interaction of users with posts.

Users will be able to learn more information on the platform, and will also reduce the skipping of posts if those come available in multiple language.

Facebook boasts a user account of over 1.5 billion users, but only half of them compose posts in English. With translation enabled within post-creation, users will find it more interactive to communicate with broader people.

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