Amazon Expands E-Shopping with Alexa to Over One Million Products

July 5, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Alexa is finally getting hold of what we expected from it during its onset; shopping without bounds across listed products on Amazon. The company has finally announced that Alexa, its personal voice assistant service, can now be used to shop over one million products available in Amazon.

Until now, Alexa-powered devices, which includes Echo, Echo Dot and Fire TV offered only limited shopping like having basic items purchased, and perform re-orders of already purchased Amazon products. The list now sees a big expansion, but there’s still a snag.

The products will have to be eligible for Prime Shopping if to be purchased through Alexa devices. i.e., it must be fulfilled by Amazon, and should be a product that can be shipped to the shopper’s address within two days. But Amazon says that there plenty of products available as of now under the Prime category, and plenty of them are being added on daily basis to the list.


Another disadvantage is that users won’t be able to order products like apparel, shoes, jewelry, or watches, since these deals with difficulties like size-selection and other similar factors during selection. But having one million products on the shopping window is not a bad deal after all.

Users can simply enquire about a product on Alexa, and it will respond with the pricing of the product in Amazon if it finds it to be available as a Prime product. Users will only have to respond with a Yes to complete a shopping from there. Products purchased through Alexa will also qualify for free returns.

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