Wynd Can Take Care of the Air You Breathe in Anytime, Anywhere

July 4, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Air Purifiers are no exception to the smart-age evolution in technology. There are plenty of smart purifiers out there today, and just like the rest, these possess smart status mostly by the inclusion of ‘automatic’ or IoT qualities.

Enter Wynd, which could just be the smartest air purifier of them all even without having ties with the aforementioned traits.

Unlike others in the batch, Wynd doesn’t confine itself to the four walls of your rooms or cabins; they are portable. They can suck up the pollutants around your personal space anytime, and anywhere.


The latter has to be stressed, as Wynd is one among the first portable air-purifiers that could even actually work outdoor; unfortunate that it reflects the drastic conditions in which we live.

Wynd comes in a conical design that can easily get fitted on to your working space or on baby strollers. The heart of the device is a medical grade filter, which is accompanied by a proprietary air flow system and a ring that changes its colour according to the quality of the air around. That’s one plus with the device; it can not only clean the air around, but can also tell you whether it’s safe or not.

The sensors used to measure the quality can also be detached from the main unit, and clipped on to clothing so that it indicates a more precise measurement of the air quality around you. It’s also not necessary that the entire unit be with you to track the air quality with the detached sensors.

The analysis of the air quality measured can be viewed through an app, which can continuously display the air quality trends over time. It can also use display air quality maps using the data collected from various Wynd sensors.

Wynd is currently up on Kickstarter, where it is available for a pledging of $139. The pricing will go up to $189 once it begins its shipping on November. The air quality sensors can also be purchased individually now for $69. Wynd also offers various bundle packs to suit your requirements.

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