Bose DIY Speakers for Kids Arrive

June 30, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Bose is following the new-trend to let kids learn on their own. It’s not about coding, unlike the rest, and Bose’s effort is to lit-up the brains of kids with hardware virtuosity.

The company has launched a new Built-It-Yourself speaker for kids to go through the process of speaker functioning in the simplest way possible. Called Speaker Cube, the speaker build-kit comes with all the necessary guides and equipment required for the kids to build a Bose speaker of their own.

The $150 Bluetooth speaker kit is the first in the series that is rolled out under the series BOSEbuild, company’s exclusive new range of build-it-yourself products. The idea is to let kids develop simple devices by their own, and thereby develop basic hardware knowledge among them.


The speaker set, recommended for kids of age 8 and above, comes with a companion app for smartphones that provides the step-by-step guide for assembling the speaker parts. The process is split into various chapters, which comes locked initially so that kids go through the assemble process sequentially to unlock new chapters.

It also explains various working procedures inside the speaker like music reproduction in a speaker, and sound creation using magnets and coils. There are also various personalization options provided like distinct cases and colours for kids to make the final touches of their choices.

Once the final product is fabricated, kids can get music from their smartphones streamed onto the Speaker Cube. It also explains how to get the speakers connected to Spotify.

The fun and excitement of building a speaker kit of their own may not jump sky-high for more than a few times. But at the end, kids will be left with a quality speaker at their hand that is partially self-made, and we do expect broader products to be rolled in under the BOSEbuild series.

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