Facebook Slideshow can Create Short-Movies from Your Camera Roll

June 29, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Sometimes, it can be a bit dreary to slide through photos without any effects or music in the background. That’s when we think of an instant movie-making app, and look who’s doing the good turns for you now; it’s Facebook.

The social media company has now announced the official rollout of Facebook Slideshow on its iOS app, letting users thread photos and videos for theme-based short videos. Users can get to use the new feature by two ways; either by tapping in for a status update, or by picking up a Slideshow video created by their friends.

The former will work once Facebook finds that over five images or videos have been snapped over the last 24 hours’ period in your smartphone. Just head for the ‘What’s on Your Mind’ section in your Facebook app, and it will show short-videos of those images with music and theme that are automatically created.


Users can select the images to be displayed in the video, or can change the theme of the displayed video. Currently, there are ten themes to select from, which are namely Nostalgic, Playful, Night Out, Birthday, Epic, Thankful, Tropical, Bollywood and Amped. The same option appears when users find any Slideshow video in their feed. Users can also add a title for their short video, which can be shared and tagged with friends.

Slideshow feature from Facebook should be novel for some of the users, but not for all. Those who have tried the Moments app should already be aware of the feature. Facebook started its Slideshow feature through Moments during August last year, and it was later dispatched for testing across its social media platform during December.

Facebook has introduced the service to improve the sharing experience of users through the app, at the same time improving the count of user-shared contents within the social media platform. It’s also a take on Apple Memories and Google Photo Assistant services, both of which let users create quick videos from their camera roll with automatic categorization.

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