Cozmo, Anki’s Real-World Wall-E, is Here

June 29, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It has just been eight years since Wall-E stepped down to our hearts, and Pixar’s adorable robot is still a piece we all wish to acquire some day. Thankfully, the Silicon Valley toymaker Anki is now making those dreams a reality.

After having rolled out robotic toy cars that races around tracks, Anki is up with their first completely robotic product; Cozmo. Set your sight on it, and you could barely leave its similarity with Wall-E unnoticed.

Cozmo feels like a mini bulldozer, and represents the same motion as that of Wall-E with those continuous track wheel system in a rip-off form. It comes attached with a LED monitor that serves as its eye-included face, and that makes the upper part more similar to Burn-E, the spin-off robot from Pixar.


But unlike Wall-E, Cozmo is not a robot that’s designed to clean up the garbage for human. It’s a fun-oriented robot that is powered by AI.

The onset of Cozmo’s development journey was with the simple thought of bringing robotic technologies to the consumer end rather than for just space-oriented and industrial purposes. This was what led the developers to merge AI with robotics.

And the result; Cozmo is powered by some of the most sophisticated AI software making over thousands of decisions per seconds, and is built with some high-quality hardware stuff. Each unit comes packed with over 300 different parts and over 50 gears to provide a unique consumer-end robotic experience that’s interactive like never before.

Cozmo robots are also not employed to do tasks; instead it’s made to be highly interactive. It can give responses through its cute robotic voices, recognize people and feed them to their memory so that they are greeted next time it meets you, and most importantly, display live emotions with the combination of personality traits of humans. It can exhibit signs of happiness, confidence, excitement, and more depending on how you play with it.

Cozmo is also designed to be highly playful. Make it idle and it will seek for fun itself by playing games alone with its face. It also seeks other modes of being playful, like trying to catch your finger when its near.  Cozmo can even snore when being put to bed, i.e. its charging pad.

A single charge requires only eight to ten minutes of plugging, and this is enough to keep Cozmo off the bed for up to two hours.

Cozmo isn’t still fully-fledged yet. It has got its own shortcomings like not-so-advanced voice recognition, and limited games. But Anki promises to sort this out in the coming time. The units are now up for pre-order at $180-a-piece, and its shipment will commence in October.

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