Facebook SquaresnUp against Snapchat with MSQRD Filters

June 28, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It seems like Facebook has only one clear rival, and that’s Snapchat. Much of the features that were introduced by Facebook during recent times represented a take on the rival growing platform. Now, Facebook is adding a new improvement, which is a more direct shot at Snapchat.

Speaking at the annual online video conference in Anaheim, Facebook’s director of product Fidji Simo announced that its live video services will soon be receiving filters; the alternate of what Snapchat calls the Lenses. And for that, Facebook is integrating an experienced player too.

The company will now be offering Live video services with filters provided by MSQRD, a service that has provided masking filters much before Snapchat got hold of Lenses. The integration comes as a part of the acquisition of Masquerade, the start-up inventors of MSQRD that occurred during March this year.


It doesn’t come much of a surprise either. During the acquisition, Facebook has cleared its intent of enhancing Facebook video experience, and it was a matter of only when the filters would arrive to rival Snapchat.

Lenses featured arrived in Snapchat, made courtesy of start-up called Looksery, has already become a favorite feature among the users, and it now needs to be seen whether Facebook will be able to replicate the success. A tie-up with MSQRD also means that the access will be free, but we need to wait to see if the current filter library within MSQRD gets expanded.

Apart from filters, the Live video service is also bringing in features like inviting friends to join in on live broadcasts for interviews, debates, or duets. The Live video service will also add scheduled live streams of videos to ensure that no one misses your stream. The features will be initially rolled for verified accounts, and will be expanded later on.

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