BitTorrent Launches New Android App, but It’s Not for Those ‘Illegal Downloads’

June 27, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

BitTorrent is rolling out a new app for Android users. Before you start running behind Torrent files, let’s make it clear that the new app is not what you might be think it to be; neither it’s meant for downloads, and nor does it feature peer-to-peer technology.

The new app is called BitTorrent Now, and it’s a streaming app that gives you access to tons of music and videos, including VR supported ones. Contrary to your experience in BitTorrent, the Android app will be filled only with legal content; those that are uploaded by the creators themselves.

Payment for the streaming varies according to the content in BitTorrent Now. Users can indeed get free contents, but there are subscriptions that come paid too. Some will even be ad-included.


It’s clear that BitTorrent is not taking on top music-streaming app providers. Instead of tying up with high-profile names, BitTorrent Now provides contents mostly from independent and generally unknown artists, including filmmakers for video contents.

The company also says that it has incorporated the Bundle format for streaming contents inside the BitTorrent Now app. It grants greater control of the content to the uploaders, with access to detailed stats like share-locations, and viewed details. Users will have to make the payment or sign-up to gain access to the contents uploaded.

Interestingly, BitTorrent Now doesn’t use peer-to-peer technology for content-streaming. Videos and audios get streamed right from the BitTorrent server to the end-user. But that appears short-living, as the company is said to be introducing peer-to-peer streaming shortly on its new app.

The app is now live for Android users, and is available for free download in Play Store. It will soon be expanded to iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV platforms too.

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