Alphabet Churns Out Robotic Dog that can Do Your Dishes

June 25, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Out there in the middle of Massachusetts is a new digital dog that can turn out to be your adorable pet in the near future. Called SpotMini, this robotic dog is the brainchild of Google-owned Boston Dynamics. Don’t expect them to bark at strangers, but yes, they can definitely be at service much more than you could probably think of.

SpotMini is a robot that falls somewhere in between the BigDog and LittleDog for DARPA. Google hasn’t empowered the SpotMini to propel concrete cinder blocks like the Alpha Dog, neither had it showed off its capability in trooping through rough terrain. Instead, SpotMini’s activity interests revolve within the interiors.

SpotMini comes with a manipulator arm like the previous Quadra-pedalled robots. But this time, it shows off its skills with the extension in doing your dishes. Or maybe if you want, you can even get them to fetch a can of beverages for you, but don’t go harsh when collecting them. Watch the entire video below and you would know why.


SpotMini also features ability to tackle stairs, and get back to its feet by itself (warning: they aren’t immune to banana peels). Moreover, it can even perform a steady-cam dance like the chickens with its attachable arm, that doubles up as a head according to the tasks. These are just some of the tasks which you could assign to this robotic dog. It can do much more, and that depends on how you train your e-dog for performing high-level functions.

Compared to the BigDog which weighed 240 pounds, the SpotMini is much lighter and weighs only 65 pounds at maximum, i.e. when its extendable arms are attached. SpotMini has also ditched the hydraulic technology in favour of electric technology, also making it the most quite robot from the house of Boston Dynamics. On a full charge, SpotMini can remain active for around 90 minutes.

SpotMini is only a prototype robo-dog as of now, and it might still take a couple or more decades for the dog to pierce into your homes.

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