Dropbox Lines Up New Productivity Tools for Mobile and PC Devices

June 24, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Dropbox wants to make your file sharing procedure easier and flexible, be it from PCs or through your smartphones. As a result, they have now readied up a string of updates that add new productive tools to let you share files with ease.

Among the list, the most important feature comes for your smartphone – direct scanning of documents. Users can now have documents scanned through their smartphones, and get them directly uploaded to their Dropbox accounts.

Dropbox boasts a hefty share of users in the enterprise segment. The new move is to ensure that files get shared instantly and seamlessly for businesses, letting easy sharing of whiteboards, receipts, sketches and printed documents.


Another handy feature is the introduction of a new ‘plus’ button in the mobile version. By clicking the button, users can instantly create Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files and share them through Dropbox.

Scanned documents, and files created using the new button automatically get saved to users’ Dropbox account so that they can be shared later.

Features introduced to the PC version are more focused on easy sharing and organization. Camera uploads through mobile devices has now been tweaked to enable better organization of photos through desktops.

Another new option now lets users share their file instantly through Mac Finder or Windows Explorer itself in their desktops. Right-clicking the files will now spawn the option of direct sharing in Dropbox too.

There is also a new option for users to comment to a specific portion or image in an entire document. All they have to do is to highlight the part for which they want their comment to be tagged along. Users can perform this option in file previews.

Both the app update and desktop upgrades have been made up and running for users. Dropbox says that the new tools form the first batch of their productivity tools; so expect many more to come soon.

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