Amazon Updates Its ‘Affordable Kindle’ with Improved Memory

June 24, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Kindle Basic, Amazon’s entry level e-reader, has now been granted a major hardware upgrade in two years. The new revamped Kindle Basic e-reader now comes with many improvements, and comes with a price tag of $79.99.

Some of the most noticeable hardware boosts in the new Kindle Basic are the doubled-up memory and the improved battery performance. Kindle’s cheapest offering now comes with a storage of 8GB, letting its users feed double the count of e-books they could have stored in the previous version.

Amazon hasn’t revealed the battery capacity available in Kindle Basic. However, they do stress that users can expect a better life in the upgraded version.


There is an improvement in the RAM too, with Kindle Basic featuring 512MB instead of the previously-used 256MB. Amazon has also added Bluetooth support to its cheapest Kindle. It also marks the return of the blind-accessibility feature that was present earlier in Kindle devices.

Kindle Basic has also undergone a makeover in terms of design. The e-reader has now gone slimmer, and also weighs less comparatively. The edges have been now designed round after taking cues from the premium e-reader from Amazon, Kindle Oasis. The rejigged design has now made the device more comfy to hold in hand.

Apart from these, Kindle Basic features the same specification used in the previous Kindle Basic. It includes a 6-inch display with 800×600 resolution, infrared touchscreen from Neonode, and 1GHz processor.

Apart from the black colour variant, Kindle Basic also comes in White edition, making it the first to feature white colour since the Kindle Keyboard that was released in 2010. Kindle Basic will be available in the markets from July 7th.

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