Sphero’s Rolling Program-Tutor Bot Now Gets Better

June 22, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


Sphero’s rolling bots have been here since 2011. But it made its firm presence with the BB8 Bot and SPRK (spelt Spark), which made coding it easier and innovative for kids to learn coding. And now, we have a new version of SPRK that comes with some good upgrades.

The latest version is called SPRK+, and it features a more transparent body to let kids watch more of the SPRK anatomy. Merging the + along with SPRK means that the device now gets rougher with a body that’s more durable, and featuring shock-resistance capabilities.

It’s also water resistant, giving the bot the powers to swim as well. SPRK+ also features inductive charging, which can make the device run for around one hour.


Besides, the SPRK+ now comes with a Bluetooth support that’s more advanced. The device now features a better range, and can also be paired with your working smartphones or tablets easily with just a tap. The advanced Bluetooth connectivity also eases the task of setting up multiple SPRK+ bots for classroom demonstrations and other purposes.

Along with the SPRK+ upgrade come new updates for the Lightning Lab, the companion app.  The app, which features a host of new projects and ideas from Sphero and the community, now introduces a new News Feed to update about new, and interesting projects.

The OVAL programming language used in the app works the same old way with its drag-and-drop theme of programming. But it comes improved, keeping in mind the coding requirements for all age groups ranging from kindergarten to college. Advanced programmers can peek beyond the drag-and-drop programming to take advantage of robot’s motor, gyroscope, Bluetooth module, and LEDs.

Over 1000 schools now make use of the SPRK bots to help kids be more engaged with self-programming and coding. SPRK is powered with numerous programmable functions, which the students can self-create to create both educational and recreational activities like puzzles, mazes, demonstrations, races, painting, art creation, and more.

With the upgraded SPRK+ version, we can expect the rolling bots to be more favoured across schools and homes. Sphero SPRK+ retails at the price of $130. You can get one from Sphero’s official store.

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