iOS 10: Five Major Features in Apple’s Mobile OS

June 17, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple’s WWDC conference has outed the latest version of their smartphone operating system, iOS 10. The latest version is billed as the biggest ever iOS release, and Apple seems to have done a fair job to make iOS live up to its reputation.

A host of new features has been added to the new OS, and these come along with additional revamp of the existing features. Here, we take you through five of the features and overhauls which we feel to be the game-changer for iOS.

Screen Lock

Gone are those days where ‘Swipe to Unlock’ served as the face of iPhones. iOS 10 has now officially removed that feature, and has brought in a complete overhaul to the lock screen. Apple has introduced a Raise to Wake feature by which the lock screen can be woken up by lifting the phone.

There are also several other features loaded in it, like an improved Control Centre, revamped notification, quick access to apps like Camera, and a new widget side panel. Some of them do resemble the features in Android eco-system, and altogether, users can perform away lot than they could have before.

RAW Image Capture

Photo lovers would welcome this addition they would consider the best in iOS 10. With  RAW photo capture, images will now be stored in RAW format without any compression and pre-processing. Images will be saved in Adobe’s Digital Negative (DNG) format, and iOS 10 will also let simultaneously store RAW and JPEG images like in DSLR. The feature can be utilized by third party apps too.

Intelligent Learning

With rival services from Google and Amazon expanding beyond scope, Apple had no other choice than to join them in the race for powering up its AI with advanced machine learning features. Siri can now respond in better fashion with the improved learning technologies used in it that formulates responses based on user location, user contacts, recent addresses, calendar availability, and several other factors. Besides, the learning capabilities are also expanded to Photos app, so as to categorize pictures based on improved machine learning; another feature through which Apple is trying to catchup with Google.

Siri for Third-Party Apps

Opening up Siri for third party developers is yet another move that got triggered by the expansion of rival services. iPhones and iPads can now get more active with third party apps getting integrated with Siri. Responses can now be entered through voice commands in Siri, and users will get to use the multiple apps through this Siri integration as of now. They include Slack, WeChat, WhatsApp, Uber, Didi(China), Runtastic, Runkeeper, MapMyRun, and Skype.

Phone & Messaging

Default communication apps get a leg up too with the iOS 10. Messaging app is now empowered by abilities for playing media within the messages. As with layout overhauls, messages can now be inscribed in large or small sizes together. Several words, which Apple recognizes to be ‘emojifiable’, will now get highlighted and users can replace them with the emos with just a tap. Bubble messages are also becoming live through which messages will be displayed with animations.

Also, the Phone app in iOS 10 is getting revamped with voicemail transcription features, which will display the messages so that users don’t need to hear every voicemail. Call recognition is also now activated through which users can label and block spam calls.

The above mentioned are features which are the most intriguing. Besides, Apple is having several other improvements in iOS 10 like enhanced 3D Touch support, Apple TV remote app, Apple Home app, Universal Clipboard, stock app removal, Live Photos image stabilization, and overhauls for Apple apps including Apple Maps, Apple News, and Apple Photos.

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