Install Moments or Have Your Synced Photos Deleted, Warns Facebook

June 17, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook’s policies to get users lured into their new app sometimes look too harsh. We do remember how they wanted more people to switch to Messenger in order to continue with conversations inside Facebook in smartphones. Now, they are adopting a similar move to promote their private photo sharing app, called Moments.

People, who have privately synced pictures from their smartphones to their Facebook account, will now risk losing those synced photos unless they decide to install Moments in their smartphone. Facebook has warned all its users to install the app before July 7, and not doing so will possibly have their synced pictures removed from the Facebook account.

Facebook started enable syncing of camera roll in smartphones during 2012. Users could enable this option to have every images from their camera roll synced to Facebook account, so as to access them later, or to share them easily through the social media account.

fbMoments app, which was introduced in 2015, comes packed with the same features, but with advanced options like face recognition (for US version only) and advanced categorization. It’s in this context that Facebook wants users to get photos synced via Moments instead of the parent app.

Photos uploaded manually will remain the way they are in Facebook accounts, and it will be only the auto-synced photos that will be getting kicked out. Users can still prefer to have the Moments app not installed. Doing so will require users to save the images manually to their storage devices by downloading them as a zip file.

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