Galaxy Note Leak Hints a Naming Pattern Shift; Edge Display Confirmed

June 16, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It finally falls that Samsung wants to avoid the confusion prevailing over its flagship smartphones. The Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series finally appears to be bearing same series for the first time since its advent this year.

The possibility of this has emerged after Samsung’s next Note device teaser got leaked. Depicting a silhouette of what appears to be the next Galaxy Note, the teaser image also bears the writing ‘WRITE ON THE EDGE OF SOMETHING GREAT’. The writing does points out the Edge display feature that will be present in the device.

Interesting, the brighter aura that surrounds the silhouette has now been perceived by many to be hinting of the name shift patter. The device, which would have been elsewise called Galaxy Note 6 according to the series numbering, is now likely to appear bearing the name Galaxy Note S7. The image does little to push a strong confirmation.

samungHowever, Samsung is likely to brand it Galaxy Note 7. One reason is to avoid the confusion which prevails over their flagship series. It just got messier with the introduction of Galaxy S Edge+ variant along with the Galaxy Note 5 device. The latter emerged as the flagship phablet from the South Korean manufacturers, while the former appeared to be the curved display version of the device, but from a different family.

Samsung will definitely love to erase this confusion this year, and the confirmation of the Edge display solidifies the belief that the Edge variant will fall under the note family. The writing on edge definitely hints for a pen-enabled version, which is the trait of Note family.

With that said, it makes more sense to skip a series for tallying the flagships rather than lagging one behind the other. Coincidentally, it will also match Samsung’s flagship numbering with that of Apple, who will be releasing iPhone 7 devices this year.

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