Cyanogen 13.1 Update Blends Microsoft Further onto Android

June 16, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

After having rooted Microsoft services onto its custom Android ROM, Cyanogen is upping the game by letting it go deeper. The custom ROM’s new version 13.1 update now officially lets users to play with Cyanogen Mods that was announced earlier this year.

Version 13.1 of Cyanogen is the first to be arriving with MOD Ready features, letting them customize the corners of Android like never before. The basic function is to let Microsoft services and features gain more access to the Android ecosystem. It includes services like Skype, OneNote, Cortana etc., each of which can now be accessed from the lock screen.

However, Microsoft’s Cortana integration will have its full functionality triggered only for US users. With the latest update installed on their One Plus One devices, users can now access Cortana services hands-free from the lock screen, along with the ability to capture selfies hands-free through voice commands.

CyanogenAmong the other prominent mods that are arriving are the ones for Skype and OneNote. The former now integrates Skype contacts and call history with the default Phone app of Cyanogen. Users can also buy Skype credits, and make Skype to Skype calls free from the app. Similarly, the One Note integration now extends to Email and Phone apps, letting users take quick notes from emails and when during calls.

Users can also now capture stable time-lapse videos using the Hyperlapse technology from Microsoft brought via the Hyperlapse video mod.

Cyanogen version 13.1 also brings Twitter mods. Enabling this mod will have trending tweets scrolled onto the lockscreen. It remains the only non-Microsoft mod that has been added to version 13.1.

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