Facebook Now Lets You Post Videos as Comments

June 14, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

User engagement has been a top priority for Facebook over these years. They have been hovering through multiple overhauls for luring its users to be engaged in posts through likes and comments.

It kick-started with the introduction of photo comments, which was followed by the addition of ‘Reactions’ to the like segment.

Now there’s one more interesting addition, and that’s to post videos directly in the comment section. The feature works similar to the photo comment, letting users upload videos by clicking the camera button on the comments section.


Currently, the feature is active only for desktops. But it will soon get expanded to iOS and Android apps, and that’s when the video comments are expected to get fully bloomed among users. This is because Facebook will let users upload videos, as well as capture live videos through the smartphone camera. Facebook hasn’t mentioned how long the captured videos can be.

Facebook has been working on video comments for some time, and it was during the company’s 50th hackathon event held during February this year that they got to reveal the prototype of video commenting.

Facebook has also been overhauling the video functionalities. Last year, they introduced dedicated video feeds through which users could easily jump through related videos.

They also introduced several tweaks earlier this year to give prominence to video posts and to push them up the order in News Feed.

All these have deployed to take on the surge of other video-utilization apps like Snapchat.

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