Chrome Update for Android Officially Ditches Merger Tabs

June 13, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It was during the Android Lollipop launch that Google announced a new feature called merger tabs for Chrome browser. Unfortunate for Google, it later went on to become one of the most annoying features in the OS, displaying each open tabs in your browser as distinct apps in the recent apps tray.

But Google’s latest Chrome update is bringing in some sense, and has officially bid the goodbye to this very feature. Version 51 stable of Google Chrome has now started rolling out, and thankfully, Google has made the merger tab option vanished inside the settings.

This was expected though, with Google wiping out the feature earlier from Chrome Dev and Chrome Beta.


Version 51, which follows Chrome 51 update on PC, also brings in other good functions. Similar to the desktop version, the Android app now comes with Credential Management API, handing more advanced credential management options to the users.

It includes custom login flows, federated identity preferences recalling, general interaction to improve the login experience, and automatic sign-in when returning to sites.

The update also focusses on other performance improvements, one among which is the improved scrolling available now on Chrome. The browser now lets developers to omit event listeners from preventing a scroll, thus by eliminating scroll delays, usually referred to as ‘jank’. This would let pages to scroll without waiting for the JavaScript to get completed.

Off-screen rendering has also been improved according to the update log, making the browsers making more power efficient. Google says that the results show up to 30% reduction in power consumption.

Android users can now download the new update directly from Google Play Store. Version 52 of Chrome is to follow this update soon, and will be out before the end of July.

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