Picking the Best Extensions for Your Edge Browser

June 11, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft has finally cracked the puzzle of extension support through the Edge browser, and they will have its fully-fledged roll out during the last week of July.

Windows 10 Insiders, running Insider Preview Build 14291 or higher, have already got a taste of the available extensions.

There are only a handful of extensions available right now, and Microsoft is working in full vigour to include more before the extended launch.

Here is a list of some of the Edge extensions available which we feel should climb their way to the top.

AdBlock and Adblock Plus:

The much acclaimed ad-blocking services reserved their spot among the extension support right from the beginning, and it can be considered an inevitable for many. Microsoft provides two distinct versions, called AdBlock and AdBlock Plus.

However, the functions remain same for both; blocking ads in over 80% of websites browsed in Edge. Having said that, it doesn’t bring any good having both installed together either. But for sure, AdBlock is one extension that will receive the most hits when Microsoft kickstarts the support for extensions.


Save to Pocket:

The modern-age replacement for bookmarks in browsers. Save to Pocket is the same extension that appears as the app Pocket for the rest. Users can swiftly mark pages to be saved, and these will get saved on your Pocket account with offline reading support. Access from multiple browsers and devices makes it further beneficial.


LastPass is the latest to have received support through Edge extensions. For all the cybersecurity-weary ones, this app ranks among their top used services, providing secure and easy way of managing passwords for all your accounts including mails, social media, and other accounts.  It’s also the only extension that requires build version 14357 and later. The rest can be run on all build versions above 14352.

Mouse Gestures:

The lone customization extension available in the store now. We believe it will be followed by many. But until then, Mouse Gestures is a good option to play with. It lets customers trigger basic actions with combination of gestures and button clicks with your mouse. It supports many actions like switching tabs, closing tabs, loading previous pages, and more.

Mentioning of the above services doesn’t imply that the remaining aren’t to be tried out. Those serve their purpose well enough, like the Page Analyzer extension that works dedicatedly for web developers.

The entire list of extensions available right now on Edge can be viewed from the Microsoft website.

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