Motion Stills App; Because Google Loves GIF, not Those ‘Shaky’ Live Photos

June 11, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has introduced an iPhone app to have your Live Photos converted to GIFs. We know you wouldn’t be too amused to know this. Yes, there are plenty of third party apps to get it done, then why have Google?

Probably, you wouldn’t be asking this again if you have the app from Google installed. Motion Stills is the name for it, and anyone who uses it should certainly fall in love with the app.

It could be to such extent that you might even have your older Live Photos-GIF conversion apps ditched from your iPhone.

So, why much brag so much about this? The answer is image stabilization. Motion Stills can magically stabilize your shaky Live Photos to create GIFs that seems to have been captured using supports. Google says that it has used their own video stabilizing technology, which they have been using for its YouTube stabilizer.

The result is impressive, and besides, Motion Stills can work data-free. Conversion of Live Photos to GIFs, doesn’t require a data connection, as the app comes geared with all the tools required. It also comes with abilities to distinguish background and foreground imageries to make stabilizations more customized, giving finer appearance when being looped.

Motion Stills also lets users create short videos by threading together multiple clips. Sharing is also enabled for users to send their stabilized GIFs through multiple channels like Facebook, iMessage, iCloud Photo Sharing, or your favorite cloud service. Google already offers the best GIF-sharing services of your Live Photos, and now, it has just got better, and easier.

The app is now available for free on App Store.



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