Samsung Galaxy S7 is Rugged; Adds Shatterproof Glass

June 10, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Samsung hasn’t drifted from its usual flagship release pattern; March gets reserved for the Galaxy S outing, and then arrives June with the rugged version of the flagship.

The South Korean tech vendor has just launched the rugged version of its Galaxy S7 smartphone, and it’s called Galaxy S7 Active like it has been with the previous models.

Similar to the Galaxy S7, the Active version do makes up its spot on the top among rugged flagships with the improved parameters Samsung have added compared to its predecessor.


With all the flagship features, Samsung Galaxy S7 Active puts forward the trio protection of dust, water and shock resistance. Alongside, Samsung has also introduced a new shatterproof protection to the display that was absent in the Galaxy S6 Active model.

The premium metallic feel definitely had to give way for the plastic coating, but Samsung has made sure the device doesn’t feel bulky compared to other rugged smartphones present in the market. The front capacitive touch buttons are replaced by physical buttons, which also includes the fingerprint sensor atop it.

Spec-wise, the Galaxy S7 Active will seldom make you feel like it’s a rugged version. That’s because it’s impossible to spot a difference in the hardware of the S7 and the Active variants. The same Snapdragon 820 SoC powers up the device, and a RAM of 4GB accompanies to smoothen the performance.


The camera pair is the same that in Galaxy S7, and features the 12MP primary shooter along with 5MP secondary cam. The biggest boost is with the battery, packing a 1000mAh extra charge compared to the 3000mAh battery used in Galaxy S7.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is exclusive to AT&T, and will be arriving on June 10th with a similar price tag as that of the Galaxy S7. As with the plans, buyers can either subscribe to AT&T’s Next monthly plan at $26.50, or to the Next Every Year plan at $33.13 per month.

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