Project Tango Debut Will be in a 6.4-inch Lenovo Phablet

June 9, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Lenovo and Google weren’t just staying idle after the big announcement at CES 2016, which paved the way for Project Tango Debut in a smartphone; they are indeed working big. Nearly six months past the announcement, we finally have a closer look on the debut device of Google’s Augmented Reality project.

According to a tweet from tipster Evan Blass (@evleaks), Project Tango’s debut run will be in a 6.4-inch phablet device from Lenovo called the PHAB2 Pro.

This follows the previous statement from Google which hinted that the device will be sized under 6.5-inches. Besides, the display will also feature a Quad HD resolution, according to Evan.


This remains the only information out in the air as of now. The tech specifications and the remaining features still remain disclosed. As per the suggestions, it is expected that the pricing of PHAB 2 Pro won’t be going past the $500 mark.

The lack of other information is not to disappoint the hungry ones either, as we will be hearing more about the PHAB 2 Pro during the upcoming Lenovo Tech World 2016, where an official announcement is expected to shape up.

It was during January, at CES this year, that Google finally revealed it’s tie up with Lenovo, after years of works with its Project Tango.

The augmented reality system from Google will make users of sensors and the device camera to map real-world environment, and make use of it in other applications like real-world distance measurements and area calculations, gaming, mapping and other apps and services.

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