Unicode’s Latest Emoji Addition Includes Bacon, Selfie, and Facepalm

June 7, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Here it is; the new set of emojis that users will be playing with soon, has now officially been revealed.

The latest addition was initially hinted about four months ago, and now, Unicode Consortium has revealed the near-future emojis that will step on to your conversations.

Like said before, the list includes facepalm, gorilla, green salad, and clown face. But there are more interesting additions, and some of them are arms with smartphone denoting selfies, bacons, butterfly, eagle, handshake, etc.

Face addition include ROFL, cowboy hats, lying face, drool, nausea, and sneezing. Gender based addition also notches some interesting emojis including dancing man, and pregnant women.

emoji one

The total number of emojis that has now been approved in the batch is 72. Twenty two among them are under ‘smileys and people’ category, while 9 emojis get added to ‘animals, and ‘food & drinks respectively’.  You can catch the entire list here.

The new set will be forming part of Unicode 9, which is set to be launched on June 21. This is line with the launch of Apple’s iOS 10, which is expected to debut the emoji additions in it.

emoji two

It’s unlikely that users can catch the new emo right after the Unicode launch, as their inclusion will depend on the respective providers like Google, Samsung, and other app services.

However, with Apple’s iOS 10 slated to arrive on fall, we can assume that the new emojis will be first be first roped in by Apple. The iOS version 9.1, which was released during fall, was introduced with a wide array of new emojis.

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