Facebook’s New AI Tool Perceives Texts with Near-Human Accuracy

June 3, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence is getting better. After their successful tryst with machine learning in Messenger, the company is now revealing an even further advanced way to rev up its AI integration in Messengers and with chatbots; DeepText.

It’s the new text-learning tool from Facebook that’s expected to make its debut in Messenger. According to claims by the company, DeepText can go through several thousand posts per second with near-human accuracy in perception, and is one of the fastest, and smartest text learning AI one can find in the present technological epoch.

The basic function of the text learning will be to automatically churn out replies or actions for the messages sent by users according to the texts in it


Let’s say you type ‘I Need a Ride’, and DeepText will learn your text to reply you with multiple options including an option to call Uber taxis. It’s also smart enough to not provide such action when it’s typed ‘I’ve got off the taxi’ or ‘I’ve found the ride’.

This is just one example, and Facebook says its DeepText technology is big enough to get expanded to almost all such queries made.

Messenger is where DeepText is expected to make its impact first, but Facebook wants its AI tool to expand beyond that. Plans are to make the system integrated with posts and updates on Facebook, making it even more capable in the social circle.

One good cause is the automatic recognition of offensive posts and images by which Facebook can get it solved even before public harassments breaks off.

Privacy concerns will still be a barrier though. Facebook Messenger is reported to be getting promoted to an opt-in end-to-end encrypted system, and Facebook will yet be missing out on AI refinement if users prefer security over the AI benefits.

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