Apple Might Finally Bid Adieu to 16 GB Models with iPhone 7

June 3, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple has relaxed its firm stance over the years, and the rate is keeping on increasing with many of the conventional been taken down off-late. The beefed up size of the display in iPhone and Macbooks were examples. Now, they are possibly giving up on another conventional; the 16GB iPhone model.

The prediction comes from IHS Technology analyst, and accordingly, the upcoming iPhone 7 will feature 32GB in its base model, which will be arriving with a price tag of $199. The prediction history of IHS has been accurate enough to believe that Apple might make this move reality.

They have previously predicted the company will launch a 4-inch model in 2016, which eventually came out as the iPhone SE. Both the former and the new revelation come based on supply chain sources.


It wouldn’t be a big miss to the customers although, especially considering the 4K recording capabilities of the current day iPhone devices. Apple has introduced 16GB on-board storage while it debuted the first ever iPhone in 2008, and ever since they have always had a base 16GB variant rolled out for every new iteration.

There has also been other disclosure made by the analyst in regard with iPhone 7. One is that the new model will feature only 2GB RAM, making no change in that department relatively with the predecessor.

However, the bigger Plus version is expected to pack 3GB RAM, and this comes from KGI analyst Ming-Chui Kuo. We now need to see if Apple will have any other modification done with the upper limit of the storage depot. The latest range of iPhone’s mainstream devices featured 16, 64 and 128 GB variants.

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