Google Photos Gearing Up for Unlimited Storage on Nexus Devices

June 2, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It seems like Google has turned its eyes to Google Photos after executing the update works for Snapseed app. Users might have noticed some minor changes in the Google Photos app after having it updated to the latest version, but there are more than just what you have seen in this new update.

Reportedly, Google is working with a major reshuffle with the Google Photos app that would bring much delight specifically to Nexus users.

According to a coding inscribed with the new update, Nexus users will soon be able to upload unlimited media through their Google Photos account, and that too, without any capping.


It means that users will be able to upload images and videos at their utmost quality. Images will still have a minor capping, as the maximum resolution that could be uploaded will be of 16MP quality. However, this won’t be affecting Nexus users since the maximum camera quality in the current line-up of Nexus devices is of only 12.3 MP.

The major boost will be with video uploads, with the promotion being from Full HD videos to 4K videos of 2160p resolutions. The move also stands significant when looking at the upcoming devices under the Nexus series.

Besides, Google Photos also might include some other new features, which will improve the layout of the app as of now. It includes new mode for sorting the albums like arranging the media based on recent additions and according to then they were added. Users will also have a new custom option through which the photos and videos can be arranged manually.

Another addition is the new editing controls that let users carry out simple refining works of their images like contrast and exposure adjustment. The folder list is also getting upgraded from the Navigation list view entirely to the Album view.

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