Amazon’s Alexa Services Now on Your Browsers Too

May 31, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Amazon Alexa is often named for its third party integration compared to other personal assistants. Now, it’s proving further for why it’s journey of domain expansion is swifter than the rest.

Anyone can now enjoy the services of Amazon’s Alexa personal assistant services. You won’t be requiring an Echo speaker or any other Alexa-integrated device. All you require would be an internet connected device, be it a smartphone or a PC, along with a web browser.

Thanks to Nexmo developer advocate Sam Machin, that a new website, called, is now up and running dedicatedly bringing the services of Alexa for people to try out.


The website, which was initially developed for a hackathon competition that was held last year, will require users to sign in initially through their Amazon accounts. Once done, users can enquire about anything, and opt for services ranging from pizza order to taxi bookings.

Users plugging in through PCs will have to make sure they have got a voice-input device attached. The website currently doesn’t offer any kind of manual input like you get in other services; so everything depends on the voice you feed.

With this, any user can now enjoy Alexa services before deciding on whether to buy a hardware that runs the Alexa speech assistant. Currently, those are limited to Echo speakers and a few others. But way more will soon be arriving, as Amazon has already rolled out SDKs and APIs for third party developers to integrate the services of Alexa in their products.

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