This is How Moto Z Moto Mod Add-On Will Look Like

May 30, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s no big secret that Lenovo has been working on modular add-ons for the upcoming Moto Z smartphone, the successor to the Moto X brand. Called Moto Mods, these add-ons would serve as a backplate that would come with dedicated functions.

Now, popular tipster Evan Blass (@evleaks) have revealed an image of a set of these backplates seen roaming across the net world. Seen in the image are three distinct backplates, each with similar exterior designs, but with different patterns along its rear-facing side.

One among them, which is placed on the front, appears to be the rumored camera-dedicated Moto Mod, which will feature optical zoom and dedicated physical buttons. The optical zoom lens is placed on the centre, and it comes with a broad flash that’s placed atop.

Other buttons can also be seen in the image, of which a larger orange colour button too can be spotted that hints for a dedicated shutter button.

It’s not clear from the images of what the other two add-ons are meant for, since these are subdued by the one in the front. However, going by what it was said before, Motorola will be having Moto Mods for offering Pico projectors, additional speaker, extra battery backup and other functions.

The rear one appears to be offering added battery juice for Moto Z, although the possibility of an external speaker also cannot be ruled out.

The middle one, as it seems, could probably be the add-on that serves as kickstand to let users freely watch contents like video streams and other multimedia.

Evan has also posted an image bearing what could be the new Droid, which is the name for the carrier powered version of Moto Z.

Lenovo will be officially taking off the wraps off these, and the new Moto Z smartphone, in the upcoming Tech World event that will take place on June 9th.

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