Google Confirms Nexus Player Discontinuation

May 27, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Nexus Player, Google’s first Android powered set top box device, has now been taken down from the last official store where it survived; the Google Store. The move has taken place even before the completion of two years since the device hit the markets.

Nexus Player, which was the first set-top box from Google featuring Android TV, let users port their TVs to run the Android TV OS using simple plug-in of the device. However, it never caught the attention it expected, and was subsequently pulled down from third party stores.


The last surviving place where Nexus Player were made available was Google Store, which has now eventually put an end to the sales of the device following last month’s Google Store restock.

Users can still find the device in some of the online retail stores though, and it remains the last chance for users to get an Android TV set-top box. Google Store still has got the product info page of Nexus Player running inside it.

Users can still have the Android TV run on their TV devices using the $200 priced Nvidia Shield, and the newly launched Mi Box, both of which can be utilized for 4K viewing.

The company owned Chromecast services are also believed to be one of the reasons for the lack of influence of Nexus Player. Manufacturers like Vizio have already entered the scene with devices integrated with Google Cast instead of the Android TV OS, and more are inbound.

Besides, the high-priced controllers and the reduced storage of 8GB also played part in the cold reception of the device, despite the Nexus Player being priced at $100.

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