Twitter Officially Leaving Behind Some of its Salient Features

May 26, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Twitter was previously ridiculed for its thought on giving up the 140-limit character limit on tweets. But ever since, it has been mulling heavily over other methods to reach out more to the  public.

One such measure was said to be arriving, a few days ago, with the measure intending to bring a relaxation to character-limits by omitting links and media from tweets. Now, the site has formally made the move official.

In its latest blog, Twitter Product Manager Todd Sherman has introduced to us some of the latest revamps the microblogging site will undergo in order to expand its reach among global audience.


The idea is simple, to let users scribble more in their tweets. And like rumoured before, Twitter is doing so by relieving photos and usernames from character limit.

When replying to a Tweet now with @, characters that follow @ will no longer counted within the character limit, giving users more to put in on their tweets. Also, the user would have brought in a major overhaul with the @ mentioning. Tweets that begin with a user name will no longer be restricted in views.

Previously, only those who follow the mentioned account and the tweeted accounts were able to see the tweets. This was made in the sense that tweets beginning with @ was meant for replies. However, not all tweets followed the fashion, as @ mentioning proved just a way of reference in tweets that required more global audience. This was what gave way to @ mentioning in tweets, which slashed the reply tone from conversations.

With the new revamp, users will no longer have to put that extra dot in front of their mentions, as tweets will whatsoever will have reach just like other tweets do. Replies made to a tweet will however follow the old limited visibility.

Apart from hearing user voices, Twitter is also doing so to modernize the tweet structure, which with the formal structure looked more complicated.

Other new revamps in the microblogging site includes self-quoting and self-requoting of tweets, with which users can improve the reach of tweets which they felt went un-noticed among the viewers. Besides, Twitter is also planning other moves to make tweets more interactive, including a decision to introduce night mode on Android.

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