Samsung  Gear Fit Successor Might Feature Curved Display

May 25, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Gear Fit, the fitness wearable that was launched a couple of years ago by Samsung, will soon be having a version 2.0. This is according to a new leak that has also demonstrated the glimpses of Gear Fit 2 from various angles.

One interesting feature that can be spotted right away is the incorporation of a new curved display. To clarify, this is not the one that features the foldable display technology from Samsung that was displayed in SID this week.

The one featured in Gear Fit will fall under the same category as that of the Edge range devices from Samsung, with permanent curves. But instead of featuring the curves along the edges, Gear Fit 2 will have a fully curved display and bezel to fit well in your wrists.


The new version of Gear Fit is also rumoured to be featuring a host of improvements. The display used is also slightly bigger than the one in the previous version, and measures 1.-84-inch diagonally according to some reports.

The internal storage will be beefed up to 4GB, and Samsung is also planning to have the processor upgraded with the latest version.

The design also shows interchangeable straps, which also hints that Samsung will have additional colours of band-straps launched with Gear Fit 2.  The colours already confirmed according to the rumors include blue, black, and pink.

We can expect more shades to get debuted during the launch, which is expected to be taking place earlier than what was previously expected. Gear Fit 2 is now said to begin its run from next month.

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